May 8, 2012

Zirker Family Dentistry

These are the folks that work at Zirker Family Dentistry.  I was POSITIVE that we were going to have to cancel...positive.  When I got to the location it was raining.  Then it started hailing.  Then raining again.  Dr. Zirker was equally positive that it was going to be fine.  And it was.  :)

They're all wonderful to work with and they're awesome at their jobs!  For someone who has major teeth anxiety that's saying a lot!  :)

Zirker Family Dentistry

And maybe now I'll STAY caught up!

I have to admit, it's been fun getting caught up...remembering all the fun people I got to hang out with last fall and now this spring.  And, after a long winter hibernation :)  I'm ready for warm weather and fun photos!

More getting caught up...

Getting "caught up"

Is there any such thing as "caught up"?  Well, I'm behind for sure!  Here is a recap of what I've been up to since October, in no particular order!   ;)