December 15, 2010

Idaho Falls Temple-Sepia tone

A friend saw a print I had done and said "yeah, that's kind of what I want...but more sepia toned" so I made these two variations to show her I could customize it to be exactly what she wanted!

partially sepia tinted:

100% sepia tinted

December 11, 2010

The "E" Family

This awesome family braved the 20 degree temps this morning (yeah, below freezing, they're tough).  We hurried, as you can imagine!  Here's a preview for you:

Thanks guys!  Hope you can feel your fingers again!  :)

Family Tree

I've had this idea bouncing around in my brain for a while, and now that it's done I love how it turned out!

Which font color do you like better?  I can't decide if I like the darker, more subtle color for the names or the cream color that stands out more.  It's an 11x14 for $20, so if you're interested check out my Etsy shop: